In the Detroit area of the year 2004, Gregg Reo started the band Impossible Tuesday. Several years and multiple fill in musicians later Gregg discovered Dave Kincius, Gerry Maciok and Jason Nays for the fit and collaborative efforts he had been looking for. The chemistry between Gregg, Dave, Gerry and Jason while writing new material has been effortless at times with songs falling together rather easily. With their different musical tastes, each song written is different from the other but boldly branded with the identifiable Impossible Tuesday sound. With Gregg's raspy but soothing vocals, Dave's intricate drum beats, Gerry's bluesy bass lines, Jason's guitar riffs and their three part harmonies over heavy riffs and ballads makes their sound like no other! There seems to be no end to their collaborative output and are on a mission to be heard throughout the Midwest and beyond!  

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EPK: Impossible Tuesday
          Lead Vocals,        12 String, Acoustic, & Rhythm Guitar
Lead Guitar & Vocals
Drums & Percussion

Bass Guitar & Vocals
Born in Detroit and raised in the suburbs of the metro area Gerry was hooked on music at an early age and started playing the Guitar at the age of Thirteen. For several years he played in garage bands and eventually gravitated towards the microphone and Bass Guitar. By the age of eighteen he began gigging and played the Detroit rock scene with original acts: The Creeps, Sticky Diz, Sycho Machine and Adams Revenge. Gerry has been influenced by most genres of Rock and any music with heart and soul including the Motown sound, Folk and older Country music that inspired him on his different writing styles. "My goal in music is simple, to continually write pieces or songs that please me while still connecting with other musicians and people that can relate to my message or songs, Impossible Tuesday gives me that platform" 
​The founder of Impossible Tuesday, Gregg started playing guitar at Age 6. He learned to play bass, piano and drums by age 15 and was composing and recording his own brand of catchy rock at a very young age. Evolving over the years into what you have come to know as Impossible Tuesday. Gregg is influenced by every genre of music . Some Fav's are Stanley Jordan , Prince, Rascal Flats, Six AM , Rainbow, Foo fighters, Shine down, Alter bridge, Aerosmith. He has performed at venues all over the USA and Canada. All of his experiences and everything he has learned through his musical journey has led to this project. A project with no rules or restrictions where writing great material comes easy and idea's flow from every band member creating our own unique sound , A sound that can be felt in your soul.

Jason saw a bar band when he was really young, maybe 8 or 9, and was hooked from there.
It was drums for him at first. He took some lessons from a friend for a short time then made
 the switch to guitar. He is self taught.

He's lived in Michigan most of his life with the exception of a year and a half in Nashville, TN for audio school.

His favorite guitarists are EVH, Neal Schon, Alex Lifeson, George Lynch, Joe Satriani, Mark Tremonti. His favorite band is Alter Bridge.

Dave got his first drum set at age 5. Taught himself how to play after getting his first album, Kiss Destroyer at the same time. He immediately moved to harder more complex material, although he did not nail it right away, he learned by playing along with Rush records.

He has lived most of his life in Michigan. Born in Hammond, Indiana, just a hair outside of Chicago, then to Tinley Park, Illinois, and Rochester Minnesota before then. He definitely could live the rest of his life without ever seeing another snowflake again!

His favorite drummers include Neil Peart, Mike Portnoy, Carter Beauford, Danny Carey, and Jean-Paul Gaster.

His favorite bands are Clutch, Tool, Rush, and any music that really moves.